Why Americans Spend Over $33 Billion Each Year on Weight Loss Pills

Why Americans Spend Over $33 Billion Each Year on Weight Loss Pills

Why Americans Spend Over $33 Billion Each Year on Weight Loss Pills

Overweight or Obesity is one of the biggest problem in United States that the scientists are struggling to understand. There are numerous genetics seem responsible; it’s the combinations of hormonal, unhealthy lifestyle, and metabolic, that play huge role, but in some cases obesity or overweight issues, it is very differently to determine the cause of overweight.

Overweight is one of the major health problem in United States, it causes numerous disease like types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery, stroke and other dangerous diseases.

Millions of Americans are over weight because of their lifestyle which includes food, according to the he U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) there was a reports thatthe an average American ate over 20% more calories in 2000 than they did in 1983, which increase meat consumption.

Over the past decade to this moment, each American consume over 195lbs of meat every year. In United States, 125 lbs to 168 lbs is considered as healthy weight, while 124 lbs or less is considered underweight, and 203 lbs or more is considered overweight.

Americans spend over $33 billion each year on weight loss pills because they don’t want to die young, there are numerous diseases that comes with obesity like types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery, stroke and other dangerous diseases, they also want to be physical fitness, most people with excess weight are not happy with their physical appearance and they want quick and effective solution to it, that’s why they are ready to spend any amount on weight loss book, eBook, pills, natural supplement, diet, sliming belt and others weight loss materials.

MajorCauses Of Overweight In United States


Millions of overweight cases linked to a high intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, red meat, potato chips, potatoes, processed meat including other processed and fast food that are available in the restaurant, supermarket and other places, if you want to loss weight you must avoid this processed foods and other food that comes with excess sugar, or other food that’s produced from unhealthy ingredients.

You need to start consuming yogurt, fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and other food that comes with vitamins, protein and other classes of food, these food will protect you from gaining weight.


Spending much time in the front of TV, is also one of the factors that contribute to overweight because you won’t be able to walk out, or do other things, and you will also consume more snacks which comes with excess sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients that will increase your weight within short period of time.

Television added 0.8 pounds for each daily hour watch within four-year.


Most of Americans don’t engage in physical exercise because of their job, business and other events, exercise is alone can protect you from overweight, if you have been avoid physical and regular exercise over the years, this is the right time to start now if you want to lose weight.


Lack of sleep also cause obesity, sleeping too little, like less than six hours a day or less is not good for you, you should be able to sleep for at least eight hours in a day, it is also dangerous and unhealthy to sleep too much, make sure you sleep don’t sleep more than eight hours in a day.

Always sleep for at least eight hours in a day, it can be 4 hours during the day and 4 hours at night, if you job permit you to do so. Make sure you don’t sleep less or more.

Excess Alcohol And Smoking

Excess alcohol and cigarettes is not healthy for your body, if you eat the right food, engage in regular exercise, sleep well, but still drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and other related items like India hemps and others you will still gain weight because the alcohol and cigarettes will never let other work effectively in your body system, if you can’t do without smoking and drinking alcohol, you can reduce the intake.

Excess alcohol and cigarettes also cause dangerous diseases like stroke, risk of heart attack.

List Of Weight Loss Materials Or Product Most Americans Spend Their Money On

  • Weight Loss eBooks
  • Weight Loss CD or DVD
  • Weight Loss Supplement
  • Weight Loss Natural Supplement
  • Weight Loss Diet
  • Weight Loss Books
  • Weight Loss Cream
  • Weight Loss Earrings
  • Weight Loss Body Wrap
  • Weight Loss Rings
  • Weight Loss Belts or Sliming Belts and more

You can loss weight naturally by avoiding processed foods, sugar and other unhealthy diets, and then increase the intake of yogurt, fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and others.S

You can also loss weight by engaging in physical exercise, if you want to lose weight artificially you buy the available weight loss supplement and other materials, make sure you consult your doctor before using any pills.

You may also want to lose weight my surgery, there are numerous fat loss doctors in United States, who are specialist, when it comes to fat loss surgery and others.

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