Meaningful gifts guide inspired by nature to impress a green panther

Meaningful gifts guide inspired by nature to impress a green panther

Have a tree hugger in the group? Well, finding a gift for that person can be a hard task. Some people are more into nature than others. Maybe we should thank them because the earth is still surviving because of them. Generally we don’t pay attention to things that might be directly or indirectly may harm mother earth. But people who are truly concerned about the conditions make sure that they do enough to make the earth heal. Since someone is taking care of nature on our behalf too, we should take care of them as well. While buying gifts for them, make sure that your gift is extra special. If not, at least nothing of its components is anti-nature.

Our hands often run for cakes, greeting cards, flowers, chocolates etc. when looking for a suitable gift for anyone. These are great gifts, but for a specific type of person who is a nature lover, you can try something different. I know we live in a world where man made material is more commonly available than the natural one and is affordable too. But if you think out of the box, you will know that there are still many options that are completely eco friendly like if you order plants online that will be a great pick. Following are a few ideas which I could think of; you can take inspiration or buy the same.

A sapling

I remember how each student was given one sapling each back in school on the day of Van Mahotsav. You know, many of us knew ever since our love for nature is much more than other kids, that sapling gave the feeling of responsibility and happiness. Now, imagine the same feeling your loved one will have when you will present him or her with the same. You might not feel the same, but for a nature love, that is thoughtful. You can buy a sapling that is potted in a container that has a customized message on it. For that you don’t need to find very hard because you can buy money plants online easily.

Nature inspired jewellery

Jewelry is made with gold, silver, diamonds etc. which are naturally found in nature. But still we cannot call them nature inspired. Jewellery is a great gifting option especially when you are looking for a woman. But a little twist can make the gift even more likable if that woman is an eco friendly person. If you want to make your gift even more special, then bind a piece that is composed of elements taken from nature. Anyone can buy diamond earrings, but to make it ‘wow’, compose a handmake piece made with things like seashells, colorful stones, sea glass etc. you can find stuff like starfish and real pearls, it would be a great addition. Now, that is what we call a nature inspired gift.

Personalized Mason jar

What about curating a gift yourself for your loved one? Well, if you find that a good idea, so this is just a perfect gift for you. All you have to do is take a perfectly sized mason jar and fill it with little gifts that you think will be useful for them. What so great about this gift? Well, the things you put in should be organically produced. For example, you can save their trips to the parlor and fill in the jar with mini manicure products that have pure natural ingredients. A one-time manicure kit will also be a thoughtful gift. Because a personalized, curated manicure kit is always better than fake nails.

A bird feeder

This option is one of the most easily found one. You can give a bird feeder to a friend who often likes to watch winged creatures take their flight. Give them a cute, pretty little bird feeder where they can watch the little creature closely. They can have that little pal at their place, build a nest and grow a family. It will be a great gift that will put a smile to their face. You can buy a raw one that can be assembled manually or buy a pre constructed one and you can paint it yourself.

These are some options that can be presented as a gift to someone who observes nature closely.

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